Saturday 20 January 2018
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“A window to the Iberian legal market”.

Access, with one-click, the Iberian Lawyer digital version of the magazine with in-depth analysis, articles and reports. Updated information is accessible on mobile devices wherever you are.


“The legal market in Latin America, an in-depth view”.

Now available to all subscribers, a digital magazine from The Latin American Lawyer which now serves as a bridge of communication – and a high profile platform – for leading law firms and multinational clients with business interests in the region.


“Information is power”.

Be the first to access a unique source of market data that will provide you with a clear picture on key issues such as: the key legal services, required by corporate global clients, the new role of lawyers today, the current trends and models to provide legal services and the most desired financial and management structures.


“Business models for legal services”.

Connect to world trends and market think-tanks with Iberian Lawyer. Keeping you updated with evolving trends and innovation on law firm management and business development models to adapt to client needs. A crucial tool to respond and adapt to the current business environment.


“Managing risks for competitive companies”.

A Premium Subscription offers corporate membership to the Global Compliance Club including an annual market benchmark, selected articles and invitations to specialist events to discuss with, and learn from, the top experts on compliance. Members will also receive exclusive discounts on compliance solutions (Legal Risk and Privacy).


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