Friday 24 November 2017
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Agenda Africa Forum 2014

CategoryLegal & Business Forum
Date 03 04 2014

Thursday, April 3rd 2014, 09.00 – 12.00

Lusophone Africa:     

    One step forward and two steps back?

          Mozambique´s success in the balance




Now in its fourth successful year, Agenda Africa is an invitation-only networking event for businesses, investors and advisers active in Lusophone Africa. The event is informal and dynamic, and participants debate the current hot topics in an interactive style. A series of specialist panels allows the group to exchange experiences with leading experts.


African growth
Africa continues to be the world’s fastest-growing continent, averaging 5.6 percent a year, with predicted annual GDP growth at over six percent a year for the next decade.
Mozambique´s current success in particular has been making headlines around the world – not always for the right reasons. Large-scale projects, mostly financed by foreign capital, dominate the economy. The megaprojects in Mozambique are concentrated in the extractive and energy sectors, with the World Bank predicting this will finance sustainable growth – pulling the population to the status of middle-income by 2025. The current public and private investment this attracts is expected to transform the deficient infrastructure. The likely improvement in the business environment triggers a diversification of economic activities, which is imperative to sustainable economic growth.
But things could turn bad. With elections this October, the growing Governmental opposition is seeking a new approach to investments in natural resources and funding. As the country becomes fourth in the world in terms of natural gas reserves, calls are increasing for restrictions on foreign investments and greater emphasis on local benefit. And while the Government is attracting partners in major public-private finance initiatives, only an enhanced institutional framework can ensure its long-term success.
This year, the issues being discussed will include:

1. Assessing the current economic and political climate across Africa.
    a. What are the lessons learnt when investing in emerging markets.  
    b. How does this affect legal services
2. Mozambique focus.:
    a. What regulatory changes are expected within investment and infrastructure projects?.
    b. Following this, will growth continue to rely on energy and infrastructure projects?
3. With Europe´s weaker economy, which international players are leading on investment.
    a. What is the impact and what opportunities does this present?
    b. Looking forward; where are the future opportunities in Mozambique- agriculture, technology, transport  or real estate?

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